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    July 2022

    How do you feel about hybrid working, the mix of working remotely and in the office? Working from home has a very specific effect on your team’s productivity – and we reveal all in this month’s newsletter.

    Here’s what else is inside this month:

    *- The Meta Business Suite has some cool business promotional tools

    *- There’s a new notifications pane in Outlook

    *- And some very good news about the possible death of passwords. Hooray!

    June 2022

    Did you know two thirds of people working remotely are using faulty devices. And you won’t believe the main reason why… all is revealed in this month’s cover story.

    Here’s what else is inside this month:

    *- The vermin malware you really don’t want on your computers

    *- A new superpower coming soon to Windows 11

    *- And Windows 11’s first major annual update is coming next month