How to implement a Security Awareness Program

A security awareness program is a formal program with the goal of training users of the potential threats to an organization’s information and how to avoid situations that might put the organization’s data at risk.

The goals of the security awareness program are to lower the organization’s attack surface, to empower users to take personal responsibility for protecting the organization’s information, and to enforce the policies and procedures the organization has in place to protect its data.

Security isn’t just a technical problem. It’s also a people problem, and keeping the people side of the security equation strong requires that all people in your organization have an awareness of security. This is why security awareness programs are so important.

Security awareness programs are important because they reinforce that security is the responsibility of everyone in the company (not just the security team).

How Frequently Should an Organization Conduct Security Training?

  1. When they join the team
  2. After an incident occurs
  3. At regular intervals throughout the year

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