Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Platform is what enables our IT teams to remotely and proactively monitor all our customers endpoints, networks and computers.

Through RMM, technicians can remotely install software and updates, administer patches, and more – and this can often all be done from a single, unified dashboard. Technicians can administer tasks simultaneously to many computers at once, and no longer have to travel from office to office to handle routine maintenance.

Main functions of RMM:

  • Gather information about client software, hardware and networks
  • Supply us with activity reports and data
  • Create appropriate alerts and tickets when problems arise
  • Track network and device health
  • Monitor multiple endpoints and clients simultaneously
  • Automate scheduled maintenance tasks

RMM Benefits

  • SMBs can enjoy enterprise-level automation and monitoring
  • Issues are detected before they become major problems and avoid system failure
  • Our teams can decrease site visits and associated costs
  • Clients pay a fixed monthly price to keep their IT up and running
  • Fixed pricing means no surprises for the customer
  • Optimal network stability is achieved through proactive maintenance
  • End-users enjoy increased uptime without disruption during servicing
  • The life of devices can be extended with improved performance
  • High-valued techs can be focused on preventative maintenance rather than break-fix issues
  • Issues are often resolved before clients experience them in their environment
  • Reduces surprises and maximizes uptime