Don’t spend any more nights in your datacenter. Let us help you fix the problems and monitor it for you !  Contact us today here, and focus on growing your business instead.

Fides Tech Solutions offer solutions that are designed, created, and implemented with your specific business requirements in mind, ensuring you never pay for servers or computers you don’t really need or want.

Our proactive support helps stop costly computer problems, IT downtime, and data loss before your business is affected.

It doesn’t matter if it is a small business or a big enterprise organization; a Datacenter is one of the most complex IT areas to design, support or manage. It can become a huge “black hole” were most of your IT budget can go if you do not take care of it correctly.

If you are considering Datacenter Consolidation, here are 3 main benefits you will receive:  


Consolidating your Datacenter not only means having all your servers in the “cloud”, it could also mean “virtualizing” your servers and have less infrastructure in your office. Doing either means smaller hardware, smaller IT department to support it, which means savings day after day. This is a no brainer.


Consolidation allows for future scalability and flexibility in your business.  Being able to control all your resources, servers or virtual computers in one place make everybody’s life much easier.  It simplifies compliance audits, helps you to find out what needs to be redundant in case of a natural disaster or IT disaster like “ransomware” and also helps get the best out of your hardware by increasing resources to the most critical assets and reduce it to the ones with low priority.


When you decide to consolidate your datacenter, you reduce the amount of avenues or channels that you need to secure, especially when speaking about malware or DDOS attacks. Consolidating your datacenter is an easy way to increase your security all around. Once all your assets are consolidated in the clouds or on a virtual system, it will be easier to keep track of vulnerabilities, easier to update security patches, do upgrades, and even phase our legacy systems that your company might no longer need.