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Friday, 12 February 2021 06:34

Defense Strategies to Combat Insider Threats

Insider threats are among the most dangerous cyberthreats out there. Yet, organizations of all sizes seem to be either reluctant or negligent when it comes to fighting them. Over 50 percent of organizations don’t have an Insider Risk Response Plan and 40 percent don’t assess how effectively their technologies mitigate insider threats.1 Even though 59 percent of IT security leaders expect insider risks to increase in the next two years, very little is being done to prevent them from causing serious security incidents.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 16:11

Ransomware Outbreaks

The Threat and How to Think About It Ransomware has rapidly emerged as the most visible cybersecurity risk playing out across our nation’s networks, locking up private sector organizations and government agencies alike. And that’s only what we’re seeing – many more infections are going unreported, ransoms are being paid, and the vicious ransomware cycle continues on.  We strongly urge you to consider ransomware infections as destructive attacks, not an event where you can simply pay off the bad guys and regain control of your network (do you really trust a cybercriminal?). Ransomware Mitigations to Help You Defend Today and Secure Tomorrow The below recommendations lay out three sets of straightforward steps any organization can take to manage their risk.  These recommendations are written broadly for all levels within an organization.  It’s never as easy as it should be, so if you need help, we urge you to reach out for assistance.