Cloud Desktop – Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

At Fides Tech Solutions we offer a wide variety of cloud desktop options.

Our flexible solutions include a private cloud IT infrastructure and a robust cloud desktop. All our solutions come with proactive security options. The secure desktop gives users the peace of mind and safeguarded network, while providing the ultimate desktop experience for users.

If you need a desktop support system, then the secure desktop plan will pave the way for the environment you need. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 workstations or 5,000. No matter how big your company is, we’ll make sure that it is safe, secure, and running at optimal levels. This helps companies streamline their IT management services and keeps their important data protected.

With a secure desktop, you have the ability to split your infrastructure between in-house servers and the Cloud. This DaaS solution is perfect for those wanting to test out a private cloud infrastructure but don’t want to move everything off-site. This is your best option if you’re in search of a flexible desktop solution.


Some of the Top Advantages of Cloud Computing Include:

Powerful Security

The cloud is a great line of defense against hackers, ransomware, trojan horse invasions, phishing, and other major cybersecurity risks. A great VPN service supports wireless networks with encrypted data protection. This keeps your network safe and secure from outside threats.  

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Cloud computing systems come equipped with intelligent disaster recovery and data backup support. This helps preserve your most important data in case your network gets hit by a disaster. During this procedure, we’ll collect all of your most critical files and restore them in our private cloud data center. This ensures that your most important data is always safe and secure.

Remote Accessibility

With the cloud, you have the ability to access your network from any remote setting. You won’t be limited to your cubicle anymore. As long as you can access Wi-Fi, you can perform work from the comfort of any location.


Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

Cloud computing is a very cost-effective solution and a very flexible storage base. It can support more users when needed, so this is the perfect solution for growing companies or seasonal businesses. This allows you to support your office with the proper amount of flexible technology and adjustable bandwidth capacity.

Extends the Lifespan of Your IT System

All technology comes with a timeline. Cloud computing can preserve your IT equipment to live past its expected lifespan, keep your network in pristine condition, and eliminate the need for purchasing any unnecessary equipment.  

Improves the Overall Efficiency of the Operation

A network cloud makes things much easier for your entire staff. It’s a unique solution from end to end and will keep your internet running at a high-service level from anywhere. This can be adjusted upon request.


Here are some of the industries that can benefit from Cloud Desktop: